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Conference Radon 2010

Barnet  I., Pacherová P.:
Generalised geological units as a background for European Geogenic Radon Potential Map – an example from the Czech Republic
Appleton J.D.A., Miles J.H.C.:
Soil uranium, soil gas radon and indoor radon empirical relationships in the UK and other European countries
Fuente I., Sainz C., Gutierrez J.L., Quindos L., Soto J., Quindos J.:
Radon and geology in Spain: Past, Present and Future activities                                                                                                                   
Gruson M.:
Predictive mapping of radon in Switzerland

Ford K. L., Chen J., Harvey B. J. A.:
Studies of Soil Gas Radon and Natural Radioactivity related to Canada’s National Radon Program
Dehandschutter B., Ciotoli G.:
Detailed-scale radon hazard mapping combining indoor, soilgas and geological dat
Kemski J., Klingel R., Preuße W., Busch H.:
The new geogenic radon map of Saxony

Bossew P., Meyer W., Bleher M.:
Towards multivariate modelling of geogenic radon. Part 1: The variables
Towards multivariate modelling of geogenic radon. Part 2: Estimation

Gruber Valeria, Tollefsen Tore, De Cort Marc, Bossew Peter:
Status of the European Atlas of Natural Radiation

Cosma C.,  Papp B., Nita D.C., Dinu A., Begy R., Sainz C.:
Soil and Indoor Radon Connection in Stei-Baita Area (Romania)
Szabó K. Zs., Horváth Á, Szabó C.:
Geogenic radon potential mapping in Pest and Nógrád counties in Hungary
Castelluccio M., Moroni M., Tuccimei P., Neznal M., Neznal M.:
Soil Gas Radon Concentration and Permeability at “Valle della Caffarella” Test Site (Roma, Italy). Evaluation of Gas Sampling Techniques and Radon Measurements Using Different Approaches
Pereira A.J.S.C, Neves L.J.P.F.:
Geogenic controls of indoor radon in Western Iberia
Pacherová P., Barnet I.:
Radon in Quaternary sediments covering the geological basement with contrasting radon index – summary of present results
Merta J., Burian I.:
Thoron concentration measurement in soil air
Neznal Matěj, Neznal Martin:
Experience with the Czech approach to preventive measures against radon – analysis of failures
Gregorič A., Žvab P., Vaupotič J., Mazur J., Kozak K.:
Radon levels in outdoor air and soil gas related to geology of Slovenia
Kümmel M., Dushe C., Gehrcke K.:
Outdoor radon in Germany
Cinelli G., Tondeur F.:
Log-normality of indoor radon data: pragmatic approach
Daraktchieva Z., Miles J.H.C.:
Deviations from the lognormal distribution of indoor radon
Radon and the lognormal distribution    
Valmari T., Mäkeläinen I., Reisbacka H., Arvela H.:
House characteristics in the Finnish indoor radon database
Sarma H. K., Deka P. C., Sarkar S., Goswami T. D., Sarma B. K.:
Study of indoor radon / thoron concentrations and their progeny levels in some dwellings by using solid state nuclear track detectors
Jiránek M.:
Radon protective and remedial measures in the Czech Republic
Améon R., Diez O., Doursout T., Kimmel M., Hadadou R.:
Impact of underground cavities on soil-building radon transfer
Wang N., Xiao L., Li C., Liu S., Huang Y., Liu D.:
The level of soil gas radon in a high radiation background city in China
De Cicco F., Pugliese M., Roca V., Sabbarese C., Avino R., Moretti R., Aquino I., Del Gaudio C., Ricco C.:
The application  of the alpha spectrometry to the continuous radon monitoring in the soil gas: limits and perspectives
Fujiyoshi R., Okamoto K., Sumiyoshi T., Kobal I., Vaupotič J.:
Some difficulties in radon monitoring for predicting earthquakes
Wysocka M.:
Radon changes in coal beds prone to outbursts of CH4 and CO2 - preliminary results
Jüriado K., Petersell V.:
Relationship between the concentration of radon directly measured in soil air and calculated after radium
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