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14th International Workshop

on the Geological Aspects of Radon Risk Mapping- GARRM,

Prague, September 2018

Valeria Gruber, Sebastian Baumann, Wolfgang Ringer, Carlos Sainz, Luis Quindós-Poncela, Giorgia Cinelli, José-Luis Gutiérrez Villanueva
A radon mapping exercise within the European MetroRadon project
Jane Bradley, Tracy Gooding, Neil McColl
From Directive to Publication: the UK Radon Action Plan
Per Nilsson
Adaptation and outlook of the Swedish implementation of the Euratom directive
Peter Bossew
Estimation of Radon Priority Areas – sources of error and uncertainty

Boris Dehandschutter
The role of karst in identifying radon priority areas in Belgium
A.Rinaldini, G. Ciotoli, L. Ruggiero, F. Giustini and G. Buccheri
Radon Prone Areas characterization and indoor measurements aimed at the health risk assessment in the Eastern sector of Mt. Vulsini volcanic district (northern Latium, Central Italy)
Sebastian Baumann, Valeria Gruber, Wolfgang Ringer, Gernot Wurm, C. Laubichler, O. Alber, S. Kuchling, C. Schleicher
Spatial variability of indoor radon concentrations and the identification of radon priority areas in Austria

Krista Täht-Kok, Mihail Sthokalenko, Mark Karimov, Valter Petersell, Siim Nirgi
Assessment of high indoor Rn-risk areas according to high Rn-risk lithotypes in soil
Igor Čeliković, Gordana Pantelić, Miloš Živanović, Ivana Vukanac, Jelena Krneta-Nikolić, Predrag Ujić, Sofija Forkapić, Boris Lončar
Indoor Radon and Soil Gas Radon in the Vicinity of Niška Banja, Radon Priority Area
François Tondeur
Quest of Proxies for Indoor Radon Risk : Belgian Experience
Ll. Font, H. Alonso, M.A. Arnedo, J. Bach, J.A. Carrasco, M. A. Duch, I. Fuente, J. García-Rubiano, J. Garcia-Orellana, M. García-Talavera,  C. Grossi, J. L. Gutiérrez, A. Hierro, F.J. López-Acevedo, P. Martel, V. Moreno, E. Navarro, L. Quindós, A. Ramírez,  V. Rodellas, M.D. Rodriguez-González, C. Sainz, A. Sánchez, E. Sanz, A. Tejera, A. Vargas
Multi-approach assessment of radon risk in Spanish soils

Annemarie Militzer and Rouwen Lehné
Designing a geology-based concept for the radon soil gas measuring campaign in Hessen, Germany
J. García-Rubiano, H. Alonso, M.A. Arnedo, J. Bach, J.A. Carrasco, M. A. Duch, Ll. Font, I. Fuente, J. Garcia-Orellana, M. García-Talavera, J.G. Guerra, C. Grossi, J.L. Gutiérrez, A. Hierro, F.J. López-Acevedo, P. Martel, V. Moreno, E. Navarro, L. Quindós, A. Ramírez, V. Rodellas, M.D. Rodriguez-González, C. Sainz, A.Sánchez, E. Sanz, A. Tejera, A. Vargas
Characterization of the spatial and temporal variations of radon in six sites
representative of the Spanish geography. Methods for obtaining an average
representative value

Eric Petermann & Peter Bossew
Estimation of spatial continuous soil gas air permeability using physical and statistical models as a support for geogenic radon risk mapping
Nanping Wang, Rong Zhao
Relationship between radon concentration in soil gas and soil physical properties in Beijing
Ruggiero L., Bigi S., Brilli M., Ciotoli G., Dehandschutter B., Galli G., Giustini F., Lombardi S., Lucchetti C., Pennica F., Pizzino L., Sciarra A., Sirianni P., Tartarello M. C., Voltaggio M.
Relationships between geogenic radon potential and gamma ray maps with indoor radon levels at Caprarola municipality (central Italy)
Mansouri N., Gréau C., Ielsch G., Saâdi Z., Bertrand C.
Radon production and migration in karstic environment: experimental data and numerical modelling (Fourbanne site, French Jura Mountains)
Rouwen Lehné and Annemarie Militzer
Repeated radon measurements in the context of the tectonic and geologic framework – an approach for the federal state of Hesse, Germany
Florică Ş., Szacsvai K., Ţenter A., Cucoş A., Dicu T., Papp B., Moldovan M., Dobrei G., Lupulescu A., Burghele B., Sainz C.
A study on the correlation between Rn index and geology in Cluj-Napoca area, Romania

Sofija Forkapić, Robert Lakatoš, Selena Samardžić, Peter Jovanovič, Kristina Bikit-Schroeder, Dušan Mrđa
Radon in Soil Gas Measurements by RAD7 Active Device and its Possible Correlation with Soil Grain Size and Composition
Ivan Barnet, Petra Pacherová, Michal Poňavič
Radon and equivalent gamma dose rate variations at different types of anthropogenic inhomogeneities – examples of pilot results
D. Grządziel,  K. Kozak, J. Mazur, S. Guguła, K. Danyłec, M. Mroczek
Radiological situation in the Ojców National Park
Domingos, F., Pereira, A., Meireles, C., Sequeira, A., Lopes, L., Carrilho, J., Carvalho, P.
Radon production rate of metamorphic rocks from the Iberian Massif (Portugal)
C. Sabbarese, F. Ambrosino, L. Thinová, M. Briestenský, F. Giudicepietro, M. Pugliese, V. Roca
The usefulness of the Radon signal for geophysical purposes highlighted through analytical procedures
Alessandra Briganti, Mario Voltaggio, Michele Soligo, Paola Tuccimei, Claudio Carusi, Carlo Lucchetti, Mauro Castelluccio
Using radon as tracer of an old NAPL contamination in groundwater (Roma, Italy)

P. Miklyaev, T. Petrova, A. Marenny, T. Ostapchuk, P. Sidyakin, D. Schitov, M. Murzabekov
Experience of registration extremely high values of radon exhalation rate in the vicinity of the Pyatigorsk water resort, Russia
Małgorzata Wysocka, Krystian Skubacz, Izabela Chmielewska, Michał Bonczyk, Paweł Urban, Jerzy Grycman
Changes in radon emission in the area around the coal mine during closing process
Ryoko Fujiyoshi, Taichi Nakamura, Misato Ohno, Masakuni Okabayashi, Bor Krajnc, Nives Ogrinc, Janja Vaupotič
Some topics on soil radon monitoring in forest sites of northern Japan
E. Fialová, I. Burian
History of Radon Calibration in the Czech Republic
Liang Grace Zhou, Gnanamurugan Ganapathy, Gang Nong, Ethan Li, and Jeff Whyte
Radon Control in Canadian Buildings: Research at National Research Council Canada
Aleš Froňka, Petra Vyletělová, Jan Hradecký
Radon Measurement in workplaces – experience and startegies
Iveta Smetanová, Andrej Mojzeš, František Marko, Kamil Fekete
Indoor radon survey – preliminary results from Sološnica village, Slovakia
Liang Grace Zhou, Ethan Li, Gang Nong, and Jeff Whyte
A Field Study of Full height Passive Radon Stack in the National Capital Region of Canada
István Csige, Sándor Csegzi, Sándor Gyila, Erzsébet Sóki
Indoor radon levels in areas affected by geogas seepages
Mauro Castelluccio, Carlo Lucchetti, Michele Soligo, Paola Tuccimei, Alessandra Briganti, Gianfranco Galli
Building materials of volcanic origin as a source of indoor radon concentration and gamma radiation in Caprarola town (Viterbo, Italy)
Miroslaw Janik, Peter Bossew, Osamu Kurihara
Anomaly detection in the long-term data of radon and thoron measurement in soil using machine learning methods
Kyu Yeon LEE, Hong Keun YOON, Chang Gyun KIM
Microbial responses in vitro against radon exposure
Daniel Rabago, Marta Fuente, Sixto Herrera, Luis Quindos, Ismael Fuente, Mark Foley, Carlos Sainz
Response time of radon monitors under controlled conditions
T. Streil and V. Oeser
Radon Scout Home the Radon Recorder for your Home
Giorgia Cinelli, Peter Bossew, Elio Javier, Valeria Gruber, Roberto Braga, Alessio Nogarotto, Eric Peterman, Tore Tollefsen, Marc De Cort
Analysis of the European Atlas of Natural Radiation data within geological and soil units
Poster session
A.Brisudová, M. Bulko, K. Holý, M. Müllerová
Testing of various approaches for determining geogenic radon potential
Anne Serv, Rein Koch
Radon (222Rn) activity concentration indoors and its relation to atmospheric pressure changes in Põlva


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