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First Circular (.pdf)
Second Circular (.pdf)
Preliminary Programme
ERA - European Radon Association
organizes the 2nd ERA workshop + general
assembly just at the same place before
the GARRM workshop - in the afternoon
on the 15th of September, 2014.

12th International Workshop Presentations
Prague, September 2014

Gruber V., Ringer W., Friedmann H.
The Austrian radon mapping strategies – status, approaches, perspectives
and some experiences

Valmari T. and Holmgren O.
Follow-up of radon-prone areas in Finland

Pereira A.C., Neves L.F.
A geological-based methodology for creating regional geogenic radon
potential maps: preliminary results in Portugal

Watson R.J, Smethurst M.A., Ganerod G.V., Finne I., Rudjord A.L.
A national radon hazard map of Norway based on geology and indoor radon

Alonso H., Rubiano J.G., Arnedo M.A., González-Guerra J., Tejera A., Gil J.M.,
Rodríguez R., Martel P.
Geogenic radon potential in Gran Canaria

Ferreira A., Daraktchieva Z., Appleton J.D., Turner P., Cave M.
Remapping radon potential of SW England: Assessment of the differences
between 2006 and 2014 Radon Potential maps

Petersell V., Täht-Kok K., Shtokalenko M., Karimov M., Jüriado K.
An updated map on radon risk in Estonia

Lara E., Rocha Z., Santos T.O., Rios F.J., Oliveira A.H.
Soil features and indoor radon concentration prediction: radon in soil gas,
pedology, permeability and 226Ra content

Smethurst M.A., Watson R.J., Baranwal V.C., Rudjord A.L., Finne I.
The predictive power of airborne gamma ray survey data on the locations of
domestic radon hazards in Norway: A strong case for utilising airborne data in
large-scale radon hazard assessments

Cinelli G., Hernandez-Ceballos M.A., Bossew P., Tollefsen T., Sanchez I., Marín-
Ferrer M., Nishev A., Bogučarskis K., Gruber V., De Cort M.
A method to estimate the terrestrial component of ambient dose equivalent
rate from EURDEP routine monitoring data to improve the European
Geogenic Radon Map

Bossew P.
Estimation of radon prone areas by bivariate classification using ROC analysis

Cinelli G., Tondeur F., Dehandschutter B.
Variability of indoor radon risk between and within geological units

Aliyev Ch.S., Feyzullayev A.A., Valsangiacomo C., Baghirli R.J., Hoffmann M.,
Mahmudova F.F.
The prospects of solving of the radon problem in Azerbaijan

Sorimachi A.
Measurements of dry deposition flux for nanometer-size particles using
unattached radon decay products

Barnet I., Slovák J., Pacherová P., Paleček M.
The interactive web application „Complex Rn information for administrative

Fujiyoshi R., Ohno M., Okamoto K., Umegaki K.
Variability of radon (222Rn) in soil air under a temperate deciduous forest in
Fukushima, Japan

Lucchetti C., Castelluccio M., De Simone G., Tuccimei P.
Using 222Rn/220Rn versus 226Ra/232Th activity ratio and CO2 concentration in soil
gas to trace advective fluxes

Matolin M.
Reliability and deviations of radon estimates in soil gas

De Simone G., Lucchetti C., Castelluccio M., Tuccimei P., Curatolo P., Giorgi R.,
Cali A.
Assessment of subsoil and groundwater contamination from NAPL using soil

Cosma C., Cucoş (Dinu) A., Papp B., Dicu T., Moldovan M., Burghele B., Nita
D.C., Begy R., Dumitru O.A., Sainz C.
IRART Project: Some findings and conclusions regarding radon exposure and
mitigation in Baita-Stei area

Roca V., Buompane R., Mattone C., Sabbarese C., Pugliese M.,
Quarto M., De Cesare W., Giudicepietro F., Martini M., D’Auria L.
Direct measurement of radon and thoron exhalation rate with high resolution
alpha spectrometry

Wysocka M., Chalupnik S., Chmielewska I., Bonczyk M.
Radon exhalation in areas affected by mining: investigations in abandoned
and reclaimed settling pond

Catalano R. Immé G., Mangano G., Morelli D., Aranzulla M.
Laboratory methodology to study how physical parameters influence radon
transport in porous media

Choi Seung-chan, Kim Seon-hong, Kim Do-hyeon, Kang Gyeong-min, Kim
Min-jun, Cho Seung-yeon
A study on radon emission assessment of building materials in South Korea

Tondeur F., Cinelli G.
Why indoor radon data are not log-normal, but may sometimes be

Froňka A.
Radon diagnosis procedures focused on energy efficient buildings

Quindós-Poncela L.S., Sainz-Fernandez C., Fuente-Merino I., Gutierrez-
Villanueva J.L., Fernandez-Villar A., Quindós López L., Fernández-López E.
A prototype for a more accurate evaluation of radon exposure in workplaces

Jiránek M.
Radon Preventive and Remedial Measures in the Czech Republic

Moučka L.
Radon and legal disputes in Czech Republic

Neznal M., Blahušiak P., Grządziel D., Holý K., Kovács T., Kozak K., Mazur J.,
Müllerová M., Nagy E., Neznal M., Shahrokhi A.
International intercomparison measurement of radon concentration in water

Kim Seon-Hong, Kang Gyeong-Min, Choi Seung-Chan, Kim Do-Hyeon,
Kim Min-Jun, Cho Seung-Yeon
Radon removal assessment using commercial air cleaners in South

Watson R.J., Ganerod G.V., Erichsen E., Finne T.E., Neeb P.R., Ronning J.S.,
Tangstad R.
Radon from building materials -a procedure for reducing risk by monitoring at

Tuccimei P., Castelluccio M., De Simone G., Lucchetti C., Moroni M.
In situ measurements of soil gas permeability using PRM3 permeameter.
Implication as controlling variable to quantify the geogenic radon

Streil T., Oeser V., Horak G., Kobelt S., Duzynski M., Sabol J.
THORON-SCOUT The first diffusion based Radon and Thoron active monitor for
long term measurements in buildings

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