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Workshop Presentations:

Barnet I., Pacherová P.
New version of radon index maps 1 : 50 000 of the Czech Republic

Dehandschutter B.
Radon Risk Mapping based on OneGeology-Europe geological units
Gruber V., Bossew P., Tollefsen T., De Cort M.
A first version of a European Geogenic Radon Map (EGRM)
Bossew P.
Classification of geological types according to the radon potential
Bossew P.
The influence of observation protocols on reported values of Rn in soil air
Vasilyev A., Onishchenko A., Yarmoshenko A., Zhukovsky M.
Radon mapping based on indoor radon survey results and geological aspects
Sainz-Fernandez C., Fernandez-Villar A., Fuente-Merino I., Gutierrez Villanueva J.L., Matarranz J.L., Quindos Lopez L., Quindós-Poncela L. S.                                    
Latest news about radon mapping in Spain
Matolín M., Neznal M., Neznal M.
International intercomparison measurement of soil-gas radon concentration (RIM 2010)
Bartzis J., Zeeb H., Bochicchio F., Mc Laughlin J., Collignan B., Gray A., Kalimeri K.
An overview of the activities of the RADPAR (Radon Prevention and Remediation) Project
Jiránek M.
Design and application of radon-proof courses
Immé G., Catalano R., Mangano G., Morelli D.
Indoor radon concentrations and its exhalation rates from building materials used in Sicily (Italy)
Smethurst M.A., Watson R.J., Finne I., Ganerød G.V., Rudjord A.L.
Norwegian bedrock and drift geology as a predictor of indoor radon concentrations
Aït-Ziane M., Cherchali H., Grine R., Mokrani-Lounis Z., and Allab M.
Some investigations about radon in groundwater from El-Hodna Chott region (Algeria)
Harley N.H., Chittaporn P., Fisenne I.M.
Earthquake Prediction with Unattached Radon Decay Products
Gregorič I., Kovács T., Szeiler G., Fábián F., Kardos A., Kobal K., Vaupotič J.
Natural radioactivity of Slovenian soils
Barbosa S.M., Correia D., Nero J.M., Pereira A.C. and Neves L.F.
Soil-gas radon monitoring in rehabilitated tailings from uranium ore processing:
the case of the Urgeiriça old dam, Central Portugal

Capaccioni B., Cinelli G., Mostacci D., Tositti L.
Natural radioactivity and radon risk assessment in the Vulsini volcanic district
Castelluccio M., Lucchetti C., Tuccimei P.
Assessing the relationships between soil radon concentrations and the occurrence of shallow underground caverns
De Cicco F., Buompane R., Marseglia U., Mattone C., Pugliese M.,
Quarto M., Roca V., Sabbarese C., Giudicepietro F., De Cesare W., Aquino I.,
Del Gaudio C., Ricco C.
Methods for the characterization of a seismo-volcanic area using radon, thoron and their parents
Feyzullayev A.A.
About seismotectonic control of a ground radon flux
Fujiyoshi R., Okabayashi M., Sakuta Y., Okamoto K., Sumiyoshi T.,
Kobal I., Vaupotič J.
Soil radon in winter months under cool temperate deciduous stands in Hokkaido, Japan
Lucchetti C., Castelluccio M., Tuccimei P.
Using 222Rn/220Rn activity ratio and CO2 concentration in soil gas to trace advective fluxes
Täht-Kok K., Štokalenko M., Petersell V.
High concentrations of Rn in soil air reveal a fracture zone in the bedrock of the Tapa area, Estonia
Otahal P., Burian I., Vosahlik J., Merta J., Fialova E.
Standardisation of radon in soil measurements
Thinova L., Fronka A., Navratilova Rovenska K., Johnova K.
Brief information about hidden fault systems investigation at the Etna volcano vicinity
Tommasino L., Cardellini F., Kozak K., Mazur J.
New measurement-strategies for radon in water and in soil
Vaupotič J., Gregorič A., Kobal I., Fujiyoshi R., Okabayashi M., Sakuta Y., Ichikawa T., Neznal M., Neznal M.
Radon in soil gas at selected sites in Hokkaido, Japan
Friedmann H.
The indoor Rn-concentration: schools, kindergartens and official buildings versus homes
Cucos Dinu A., Cosma C., Dicu T., Burghele B.
First preliminary indoor radon map in Romania and future perspectives
Panero L.M. , Chmill V., Caccia M., Chiaberto E.M., Serena E. , Magnoni M.
Indoor radon entry rates in areas of Piedmont (North-Western Italy) with high natural radioactivity levels   
Kropat G., Bochud F., Gruson M., Murith C., Laedermann J.-P., Baechler S.
Kernel regression based mapping of indoor radon concentrations in Switzerland
Mazur J., Kozak K.
The problems of determining annual effective dose due to radon inhalation
Moreno V., Bach J., Baixeras C., Font LI.
Influence of volcanic subsoil on indoor radon levels in Olot (NE Spain)
Nakajima T., Niida T., Esumi S., Chujo T., Inaba M., Miake Y., Tanaka N.
Radiation Education with Radon Detector - Detector Development and Implementation at High School
Guatieri S., Simone L., Faure-ragani M., Chmill V., Caccia M., Defilippis I.
Development of a ZigBEE based wireless data transmission system for radon concentration measurement devices
Tondeur F., Cinelli G.
A software for indoor radon risk mapping
Cryer S.
Status update of radon measurement and mitigation in Canada
Veliyeva F.F., Aliyev Ch.S., Feyzullayev A.A., Baghirli R.J., Pampuri L.,
Hoffmann M. and Valsangiacomo C.
Indoor radon mapping in Azerbaijan
Yarmoshenko I., Onishchenko A., Zhukovsky M.
Approach to establish indoor radon local reference level based on radon survey
Zhukovsky M., Yarmoshenko I., Kiselev S.
Analysis of the possible radon protection strategies in Russia
Csordas A., Kovacs T., Fabian F., Jonas J.
Preliminary results from an indoor radon thoron survey in V4 countries
Nakajima T., Niida T., Esumi S., Chujo T., Inaba M., Miake Y., Tanaka N.
Radiation Education with Radon Detector - Detector Development and Implementation at High School
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